What We

Digitization and Automation


Our service will improve your customer experience, optimize your backend operations, and save your resources.


In today digital world, it is not only the amount of data, communication channels and touchpoints that is constantly increasing. Your customers’ expectations are rising as well. They expect an omnipresent, personalised approach and support. With the right CRM solution, you can meet all these requirements in terms of strategy, systems and operational aspects. No matter which industry you come from: We know the different systems and can pick you up according to your individual needs.

Marketing Automation Tool

We fuse creativity and automation to help brands explore their potential, innovate digital solutions and amplify their growth.

The powerful convergence of marketing and technology in today’s marketplace means brands are no longer built through advertising, but through experiences. We connect deep human and business insights with the possibilities of technology to define and deliver new realities. Experiences that can make lives easier, healthier, safer, more productive and rewarding. At DIGITA, we’re reimagining business through experience.